Internet, Websites, Technology

Internet, Websites, Technology


The internet is a global telecommunications network that connects a large number of computers. The worldwide network has enabled the easy exchange of news, data and opinions. Since its creation in 1969 for use by scientists, the internet has now become largely popular with personal computer operators. Each computer connected to the internet is independent and thus the internet is decentralized. Information can be sent between two computers as long as both are connected to the internet. The internet has become a useful tool for us to exchange information and learn new things each and every day. As of 2016, studies showed that there were almost 3.5 billion people using the internet. This translates to nearly 40% of the total population globally. Thanks to technology, accessing the internet has become very easy and is advancing as we go along.


A group of webpages form a single entity called a website. Websites are structured in such a way that they are accessible using a browser such as Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome and can be reached by having a connection to the internet. We use search engines to access websites by their unique web addresses. Websites contain information and all types of media and make up the worldwide web. Tim
Berners Lee built the first website while working at CERN in 1991. Today, there are millions of websites on the internet that have helped internet users to easily access data and information in real time.


Technology generally refers to the use of scientific knowledge in the production, design and use of goods and services. Markedly, we use technology to manipulate and change our environment in an effort to help us easily carry out activities and enjoy our lives. We use technology in almost all aspects and activities in our lives. Today, technology is used in medical procedures, businesses, transporting us
from place to place, communication, education, production, manufacturing and many other activities in our lives. Technology in these various aspects keeps on changing and is expected to become more advanced in the future. Technology has brought a lot of advantages in our lives and has become a solution to most of the problems we face in our day to day activities.

April 2020